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Customize Right-click Shortcut Menus in Word

Word shortcuts

How to customize the right-click menu in Microsoft Word.
Example:  Add Paste Special command to the right-click menu.

1.  Go to Tools/Customize.
2.  Click on the Toolbars tab.
3.  Scroll down and check Shortcut Menus.  A floating toolbar appears.
4.  Click Text on the toolbar to see a listing of all of the shortcut menus.
5.  Scroll down and click on Text.
6.  With the Text shortcut menu displaying, click on the Commands tab in the Customize dialog box.  You may have to drag the dialog box to another area on your screen:  Single-click on the dialog box title bar and hold down the mouse button while you drag the dialog box.
7.  Click on Edit in the Categories list.
8.  Scroll down the Commands list until you locate Paste Special.
9.  Click and drag the command from the commands list onto the shortcut menu.
10.  Click the Close button in the Customize dialog box.

To add options for working with numbered lists, click on Lists (instead of Text).  To add options for working with Tables, click Tables when the floating toolbar appears.

To remove options you never use on shortcut menus, click and drag the option out of the dialog box area when you reach Step 5, then click Close in the Customize dialog box.

When you quit Word, answer yes to the prompt to save changes to Normal.dot.


These instructions are for Word 2003 and earlier. The Quick Acces Toolbar (QAT) is the only toolbar which remains in later versions of Word; all other toolbars are gone. Word 2007 has a limited ability to modify the right click menus(plural). Word 2010 actually has about 72 right click menus and any of these can be modified but you have to know how to program in XML. In Office 2010, "right click menus" are officially called "context menus".
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